SPF re-population

Elevage vue d'en haut

Since 20 years, NUCLEUS is at the forefront in France and in the world on several sanitary aspects :

  • 1st farm with air filtration system for all the building of the farm (1997)
  • Implementation of hysterectomy method in 1st level (2000-2002)
  • Use of hysterectomia method with cross -milking to populate new breeding farms in each of our pure bred lines (2000 - 2008)
  • Spreading SPF status on production farm with depopulation -repopulation : more than 50 production farms were depopulated, and after a sanitary emptying, repopulated with SPF sows. 

Nowadays :

  • This method has permit us to repopulate farms abroad.
  • The sanitary status (SPF) of our GGP and GP farms meet the strictest requirements (French sanitary EQS protocole).
  • Nucléus production farms are involved in the process of producing Pig Without use of Any Antibiotic. 

Nucléus has developed an expertise and tools available for its customers in oder to assist them in the success of this challenge  of depopulation -repopulation of production farms.