Our selection farms are in France and in China. Our clients are Worldwide. 

Our breeding farms have the world highest sanitary requirements and protocols, using air filtration system. Our specific selection process and our technical support guaranty you to get the best performances. 

Your choice (purebreed reproductors by NUCLEUS, hybrid reproductors by NUCLEUS) adapted to your production requirements enable to work with a forefront pig chain specialist respecting animal welfare and the highest quality standards. 

In order to promote the emission of its genetic, NUCLEUS is looking for agents in different countries

Commercial interlocutor of a farmers network, integrators, you'll be accompanied in your mission by specialists of genetic. Working with Nucléus is to have access at a unic genetic centered on the needs of the whole chain.


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COOPERL Company has built a selection farm in China (2015)with 4 lines of Nucléus : Large White by Nucléus, Landrace by Nucléus, Piétrain by Nucléus and Duroc by Nucléus. The commercialisation is managed by Team of Cooperl China and today sales are very strong. In a particular sanitary context, this farm gives chances of developpement for NUCLEUS' genetic on the 1st world Pork market.

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