Management of genetic variability in the Kador line

Animaux G0 lignée Kador

How is genetic diversity managed today? What will be the next challenges?

Intramuscular fat for the flavor

Mesure du GIM

Regardless of the character selected, collecting a large volume of high-quality data guarantees success. This principle has always been emphasized within the Nucleus scheme

NUCLEUS : The 100 % swine French selection

International Pig Topics jpeg

Read the interesting article of International Pig Topics :

NUCLEUS : The 100 % swine French selection

NUCLEUS is the pig genetics the most involved in all sections of the pig industry : pig producers, slaughterhouses and meat processors. Working with Nucleus allows to have access to their top herds of pure breed animals : Large-White, Landrace, Duroc and Pietrain.

In 2020, 30% of the pure breed animals imported in China where coming from NUCLEUS Company

Zhengbang Group's second group of 1500 Nucleus GGP arrived in Kunming

Arrivée aéroport de Kunming

After the first group of 1020 Nucleus GGP arrived in Kunming successfully on March 8th, after 4 months, with the joint efforts of everyone, the second group of 1500 GGP took two flights at 6:40am on July 9th and 7:30am on July 10th arrived at Kunming Changshui International Airport.

NUCLEUS welcomed a new agent for Romania

Dan Banica

In  January, NUCLEUS welcomed Daniel BANICA to its premises and signed a distribution contract for the Romanian market.

Swine Days' Research February 4th and 5th in Paris

JRP 2020

NUCLEUS support research by sponsoring the 52nd Swine Days' Research (JRP in Paris)

Bruno LIGONESCHE, Aurélie LEDREAU and Audrey GANTEIL will be there to discuss with you.

Soon an agreement to export Semen to China

Drapeaux France-Chine

Last week, a delegation from Chinese sanitary services was in France. Its mission was to visit Artificial Insemination Centers to be sure of their conformity with Chinese requests.

NUCLEUS certified "Code EFABAR 2017"


NUCLEUS is engaged to apply the new version of the voluntary code of good practise for farm animal breeding organisations (the Code EFABAR 2017)

Improving meat quality with Piétrain NN by Nucléus

Evolution of pH in Ham

NUCLEUS has got a large population of Piétrain NN with manys records at slaugtherhouse (pH6 - ph24 ham and loin-drip loss). Improvement on meat quality is only able with many records at slaughterhouse. That's exactly what NUCLEUS is doing.

Reducing the risk of boar taint with Pietrain INO

Evolution of boar taint

With the end of castration and faced with the problem of boar taint in carcasses, Nucléus has set up the INO label for its Pietrain boars. 

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