Zhengbang Group's second group of 1500 Nucleus GGP arrived in Kunming

Arrivée aéroport de Kunming

After the first group of 1020 Nucleus GGP arrived in Kunming successfully on March 8th, after 4 months, with the joint efforts of everyone, the second group of 1500 GGP took two flights at 6:40am on July 9th and 7:30am on July 10th arrived at Kunming Changshui International Airport.

This time we are facing a new challenge, at the difficult time with Covid-19, customers cannot go to France to select GGP by themselves. How to ensure and follow the client’s important plans? After much consideration and discussions, the decision is: to respect the pig selection requirements of Zhengbang Group's experts, combined with the selection database of Cooperl France, the selection work been carried out directly by the Nucleus team.

In the process of GGP selection in France, we formulate a detailed and complete selection plan, listing the detailed information of each GGP selection farm and attaching the selection photos, the selection work strictly follow the selection standards as client required, communicate closely with the client. Provide selection list of the day work to client at evening, keep the selection work efficiently and in high-quality, and do not disappoint clients' trust.

Elevage PeschardTri 44DER


Selection GGP of Nucleus team

In the process of transfer from quarantine to VatryAirport (XCR), strict respect the bio-security regulations, fully disinfecting  the transportation vehicles to ensure the health of pigs and keep them under control of each steps!

Désinfection camion


With the close cooperation and joint efforts of many parties, the second batch of 1500 GGP arrived safely in Kunming on July 9th and 10th.  Will go to the quarantine farm in Wuding after on-site health inspection.

Livraison à quarantaine ferme client

Face of double pressure of Covid-19, through the joint efforts of many parties, the second batch importation was successfully completed again, especially thanks for Zhengbang group confidence with Nucleus , We will continue to up hold our beliefs and continue moving forward breeding work to contribute to the revival of the Chinese pig industry.


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