To improve genetic progress on Feed Conversion Rate, Nucleus has equipped several breeding Farms with automatic feeding equipments in order to measure the individual and daily consumption of feed. Thanks to that original invest, we test more than 2000 boars each year on the Feed conversion rate. Our recently studies proved that we are able to continue to improve the relevance of the device when we integrate criteria of the alimentary comportment.

Genomic selection on caracteristics of the Litter

Historically, female lines Large White by Nucléus and Landrace by Nucléus have always been selected on the size of the Litter. Recently, NUCLEUS has integrated in its breeeding goals some ponderal caracteristics of the Litter ( weight at birth and homogenéity of the Litter). The integration of this new criteria combinated with the use of the genomic Selection (more than 5000 animals are genotyped per year) allow the selection of gilts which are autonomous and which produce lots of piglets and homogeneous Litters.

The actual works on the milking production will completed efficiently that device of phenotyping.


Intramuscular Fat

Among criteria which inflence the sensorial qualities of Pork Meat, the intramuscular Fat rate is the most impacting on the organoleptic quality.

The evaluation of the Duroc by Nucléus is done by the measures of the intramuscular Fat rate done on the animal alive with the combination of 2 technologies : the echography and images analysis.

This method allow us to do an early evaluation of the intramuscular Fat on 100 % of the animals candidates.

Thanks to this tool, Nucléus can provide its customers with boars with more or less intramuscular Fat in accordance with their specific needs.


Duroc mesures gras IM