NUCLEUS reinforces its presence in China

Export Yongxin

NUCLEUS successfully exported more than GGP 900 pigs to China by the end of July 2017. After selection of the animals of the 4 breeds LW, LR, Duroc and Pietrain in the SPF NUCLEUS GGP farms, selected animals have successfully passed the 30 days quarantine period in France. Once arrived in Guangxi province, SPF GGP NUCLEUS Pigs also passed the quarantine successfully. NUCLEUS partner has now all the genetic keys for breeding pigs successfully.

New place at SPACE for NUCLEUS this year

SPACE 2017

Small revolution this year. After many years at the same place at SPACE, NUCLEUS changes its place :

Come to see us on our booth :

HALL 8 Booth B42 

NUCLEUS team will present its latest innovations in female and male lines (Genomic selection, New evaluations, INO boars)

Mothers of Large White boars: genetic progress, still and always !

Truie porcelets

60 boars Large White boars are present in artificial insemination centre in France. These boars are used for the renewing of pure breed GGP Large White sows of selection farms but also and mainly for the production of F1 sows by insemination of Landrace GP sows on multiplication farms.

The table below details the average performances of the mothers of these 60 boars present in French AIC on the novembre 2016.


Total born / litter

Born alive / litter


Average performances of mothers of the 60 LW boars




Performances of the mothers of these 60 boars are simply exceptional.

Within these 60 boars, mothers of boars born in 2016 and entered in AIC have even ehanced performances 



Total born / litter

Born alive / litter


Average performances of mothers of boars born and entered in AIC in 2016




Genetic progress : the proof by figures.

Genomic : faster and faster


NUCLEUS has developed with IFIP and INRA a genomic program in Landrace. The main is to get a faster genetic progress already carried out (see new from 29/08/16) in Maternal Qualities and in particular in Number of Piglets Born Alive. Precision of breeding values will also increase thanks to this genomic program.

The first genotyped boars have entered in AIC during the 2nd semester of 2016. Gilts for auto-renewing of selection farms are now also genotyped.

Exportation to Benin

Animaux Bénin

In February 2016, NUCLEUS has exported to Benin Large-White animals. The aim of this importation is multiplication and sales to production farms.

Benin has been really affected by African Swine Fever and has to renew its park of breeding animals.

This exportation was a successfull and after to pass a conformity control, animals are very well adapted in their new farm.

Providing solutions for tomorrow's needs

Couverture Pig Topics International

Once again the work done by NUCLEUS has been recognized by the International Press.

NUCLEUS is working at different and numerous levels to provide solution for tomorrow as it's mentionned on the following article of the last International Pig Topics.

You will find below the link to this article.

Article International Pig topics

Meet us during EUROTIER 2016


Come to see us at EUROTIER from 15th to 18th of November in Hannover, Germany

We will be very pleased to meet you on our booth :

Hall 15, Stand F16

NUCLEUS will present its last innovations and genetic progress done on its different purebreed lines

Weight of piglets at birth: what regularity!


Since the new breeding goal has been launched in 2014 in female lines Large White and Landrace, the average weight of piglets at birth and the homogeneity of weight of piglets at birth are included in the breeding goal. These two criteria are taken into account in order to select gilts and boars, which in parallel to the increase of prolificacy, maintain or improve the average birth weight o piglets and the homogeneity of weight of piglets. In no case the increase of prolificacy shall induce a decrease in average birth weight or an increase of the heterogeneity of weight of piglets.

The table below shows the evolution, in Large White breed, of

- the average birth weight of piglets

- the homogeneity of birth weight of piglets within a litter.


Number of weighted piglets

Average individual birth weight

Standard deviation of individual birth weight


50 487

1.379 kg

0.287 kg


51 671

1.372 kg

0.286 kg


47 467

1.379 kg

0.287 kg


These data confirm the full efficiency of the breeding goal. The increase of prolificacy did not get negative impact neither on the average birth weight nor in the homogeneity of birth weight.


Meet us during the SPACE 2016

Vignette SPACE

As usual, NUCLEUS will be present to SPACE 2016 from September 13 to 16 in Rennes (France), Hall 8, booth A24. We invite you to meet us during this fair.

Evolution of performances in selection farm Large White and Landrace.


The first aim of a breeding scheme is to define the criteria to improve and then to identify and to select within its purebred population the animals improving these criteria. The identification of these improver animals enable to carry out genetic progress. The best boars selected and placed in artificial insemination center enable the diffusion of the genetic progress.

 In female lines, the improvement of Maternal Qualities has been defined has priority and in particular the increase of prolificacy.

 The tables below show the genetic progress done in the selection farms Large White and Landrace from 2012 to 2015.

 Large White


Nb piglets total born

Nb piglets born alive


+ 1.2

+ 1.4

All sows

+ 0.7

+ 0.6




Nb piglets total born

Nb piglets born alive


+ 1.1

+ 0.92

All sows

+ 1.0

+ 0.85


The evolution of prolificacy in Large White and Landrace shows the efficiency of the new breeding goal and of the breeding methods applied daily.

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