NUCLEUS confirms the dynamism of its GGP farmers' network


Year 2013 leads to settlement of two new Large White GGP farms in France (EARL PORTERIE in Barcugnan (South West) and EARL BOUCHONNEAU in Saint Christophe du Bois (Centre West)). 

For NUCLEUS « Prolificacy » means « weaning capacity »!


Good work of our GGP farmers on prolificacy increase has given results! According last study of NUCLEUS R&D department, performances of Large White GGP sows, mothers of boars actually in our AI Centers, reached high levels.

NUCLEUS successfully exported 684 animals to Qinnong and Jiuding companies

export China

NUCLEUS successfully exported 684 animals to Chinese companies Shanghai Qinnong and Beijing Jiuding. Animals arrived in good health on the 12th of October 2013 in Shanghai (China). NUCLEUS genetic is approved by Chinese market for its qualities of productivity and feed efficiency. "Thanks to this new export, we aspire to take major market share on imported animals in China in 2013" said Jacques GOURMELON, managing director of NUCLEUS. "This success is result of fierce work of our teams and GGP farmers for improvement and promotion of our genetic potential. At the time when all pig producers from all around the world are requiring profitability driver, NUCLEUS genetic assumed its leading and locomotive position when being one of the best genetic in France and in the world".

Space 2013

SPACE 2013

NUCLEUS participated to last SPACE exhibition hold from 10th to 13th of September in Rennes (France). Thank to all French and foreign visitors who met us! "NUCLEUS showed his leading position on French pig breeding market and its excellent figures for export" said Jacques GOURMELON, NUCLEUS managing director. "Our customers gave us very good feedback on expression of genetic potential of our animals. Quality of our genetic is shown by performances of our animals in France as well as abroad"

NUCLEUS will participate to SPACE fair


SPACE fair will be hold between 10th and 13th of September 2013 in Rennes (FRANCE). SPACE is one of the major livestock show in the World.

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New Chairman

Lucien Geffrelot

At the end of its annual general meeting on the 5th of June 2013, the meeting of shareholders has elected a new Chairman : Lucien Geffrelot. He is succeeding to Guy Dartois. Lucien Geffrelot  member of Cooperl Arc Atlantique is a Pietrain GGP farmer. Guy Dartois and Lucien Geffrelot have congratulated all the staff (breeders and technical staff) for the good figures on 2012 and the forecasts for 2013.



In May 2013, NUCLEUS increased its GGP herd in Pietrain. Farm of Lucien Geffrelot has been restructured. After depopulation-repopulation, size reached 200 Pietrain GGP sows. To meet market requirements, this GGP farm has been populated in stress-negative Pietrain line. Increase of NUCLEUS Pietrain GGP herd shows NUCLEUS wiliness to increase selection pressure. With 7 GGP farms in Pietrain line, 800 Pietrain GGP sows whose 400 are stress negative, NUCLEUS keeps its leading position on Pietrain in France.

High performances with NUCLEUS Pietrain boar


NUCLEUS has provided some terminal Pietrain boars to VSK company (Russia) since 2011. Comparison between use of Duroc and Pietrain terminal boars on those pig production farms shows very good quality of Pietrain on main farm parameters. Comparison, done on 5823 pigs F1 x Duroc and 6720 F1 x Pietrain, shows better growth for crossbred Pietrain slaughter pigs (652g/ days of life vs 641g/days of life), lower mortality rate weaning-slaughtering (3.15% vs 3.39%) and better carcass yield (74.1% vs 73.7%). Those performances on farm confirm results from animals tested in French public stations: FCR (35-110kg): 2.31, ADG (35-110kg): 944g/d, Lean Meat: 65%

VSK Company

  • 20 000 production sows
  • Complete pig Chain (Feed to Retail)
  • 150 NUCLEUS Pietrain boars/year
  • Replacement of Large White and Landrace GGP animals

COOPERL-NUCLEUS Chairman signed Joint-Venture with Henan Xinda Muye Co. Ltd


During official visit to China of Mr François HOLLANDE, French President, on the 25th of April 2013, COOPERL-NUCLEUS chairman signed a joint-venture between COOPERL and Xinda Muye. Under supervision of Mr Xi XINPING and Mr François HOLLANDE, Mr Guy DARTOIS and Mr Li CHANGQING signed an agreement to build new GGP farm with 1500 NUCLEUS sows in Henan province. Support of chinese and french governements are strategic on development of NUCLEUS on chinese market."We signed joint-venture with our chinese partner for creation of GGP farm with 1500 sows" said Guy DARTOIS, COOPERL-NUCLEUS chairman. "Of course, signature in the Great Hall of People in front of Chinese and French President, is a token of quality for our future customers". This joint-venture has been signed by COOPERL CHINA in partnership with NUCLEUS and Zhengzhou SUNBRIDGE High-Tech .

NUCLEUS successfully exported 864 GGP animals to Yurun Group

2013-04-24 15.43.13

NUCLEUS successfully exported 864 animals to Yurun Group. Animals arrived safely on the 25th of April 2013  in  Tianjin (China). Yurun is one of leading food companies in China. High genetic potential and high sanitary status of NUCLEUS animals were recognized as strengh by Yurun for creation of new GGP herd. This new export is a start for a strong relationship between NUCLEUS and Yurun Group. "With more than 2 800 GGP animals exported to China within 6 months, NUCLEUS shows its high development on chinese market" said Jacques GOURMELON, managing director." "Yurun Group is leader in food industry in China. Be chosen by leading company is really for us recognition of our genetic and know-how".

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