Intramuscular fat for the flavor

Mesure du GIM

Regardless of the character selected, collecting a large volume of high-quality data guarantees success. This principle has always been emphasized within the Nucleus scheme

In the early 2010s, we focused on traits related to the technological quality of the meat by investing in the routine measurement of ultimate pH and exudates on the carcasses of animals from our selection farms.

In 2015, we also took into account the flavor quality of meat by integrating the intramuscular fat level (IMF) into the list of the characteristics measured routinely. Strongly correlated to meat tenderness and flavor, IMF is the “flavor” trait that completes the selection goals of Nucleus male lines. Thanks to the use of the technology developed in North America (Biotronics Inc.) and to the collaboration of the CCSI (Canadian Center for Swine Improvement), we deployed a method for estimating IMF in vivo by ultrasound image analysis on the Duroc by Nucléus.

Mesure du GIM

Thanks to a team of expert technicians regularly trained on the IMF measurement, Nucléus has deployed this technique in all the male lines.

In 7 years, more than 10,000 Duroc animals were integrated into the Nucleus IMF database.

Each year, more than 4000 Kador animals are measured and indexed for the IMF as well as the 1300 Vigor 4.0 boars tested.

In 2021, we also measured more than 1000 animals Pietrain NN by Nucléus in order to study the IMF variability in this population.

Always in the spirit of the whole pig chain genetics, Nucléus offers you products adapted to all the steps of the chain, from breeding to the consumer, including meat and salting industry.


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