Superiority of Pietrain by Nucléus

Verrat Piétrain Francisco

Since over 15 years, Pietrain by NUCLEUS is the most used terminal boar on the French market. Its carcass qualities combined with its remarkable fattening performances make of Pietrain by NUCLEUS a recognized terminal boar in Europe.

Selection program is always focus on the technical and zootechnical performances of our animals. In the frame of our investment program of the feed efficiency criteria, NUCLEUS has been the first european genetic company to invest in 2014 in individual automatic feed stations directly in selection farms. The large number of data collected permits to accelerate the genetic progress around 20% per year.

Last year, several comparing tests between Pietrain by NUCLEUS and other Pietrain terminal boars took place in Netherlands and in Spain. Results confirm the high genetic potential of the Pietrain by NUCLEUS


Differences Piétrain by NUCLEUS versus


Pietrain from Germany


Synthetic Pietrain


ADG (gr/day)









Economical difference /pig (Euros)




Table of comparison between PIETRAIN by NUCLEUS and other genetics


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