Reducing the risk of boar taint with Pietrain INO

Evolution of boar taint

With the end of castration and faced with the problem of boar taint in carcasses, Nucléus has set up the INO label for its Pietrain boars. 

This labeling is based on the prediction of plasmatic levels of androstenone, thanks to a blood sample taken at 150 days of age on all the candidates for reproduction. Only animals with a sufficiently low androstenone level are selected. In this way, since April 2016, INO certified boars are present in the Nucléus’s CIA park. Today it is almost the totality of this park which is certified INO.

For several years, the rate of carcasses with boar taint in the Cooperl’s slautherhouses has been decreasing. From the year 2017, corresponding to the slaughter of the first descended from INO boars, this decrease is accelerated (see chart above).


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