Innovative selection (maternal qualities)

To observe, to register, to analyse, to select are daily tasks of our breeders, techniciens and geneticists. 

Maternal qualities are more complexed to select because : 

  • these are more qualitative (than quantitative)
  • repeatability from one farrowing to another is not so high
  • environmental conditions and breeders have big influence on these criteria

To make it is the most objective possible, Nucléus defined some accurate criteria :

  • individual weighing at birth
  • individual weighing at weaning - weighing at the end of post weaning period
  • standard deviation of individual weigh within a litter ( see Piglets vigor / piglet quality)

internal scoring table

  • sow autonomy
  • teats quality
  • no use of hormon 

These criteria, combined to genomic evaluation, permit us to identify and select sows with amazing potential and consequently to select boars coming from these best sows. 

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